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Before you worry about why someone doesnt like you, first ask yourself why you should even care :)
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15 days ago
Christmas Stocking 221 days ago
Christmas Stocking
Smooch 257 days ago
Roses 288 days ago
Headphones300 days ago
From: Jeep_Life
For your love of Music
Friends' hug300 days ago
Friends' hug
From: Jeep_Life
:) Sweet like you !
Silver "Pro" Anniversary314 days ago
Silver "Pro" Anniversary
Flower Bingo1 year 126 days ago
Flower Bingo
From: Funsize
Teddy Bear1 year 158 days ago
Teddy Bear
From: jcesplace
Jingle Bells 1 year 210 days ago
Jingle Bells
Teddy Bear1 year 222 days ago
Teddy Bear
From: Bad69Boy
Hope you & Family have a Mery Christmas
Cute puppy1 year 223 days ago
Cute puppy
From: kkenh300
Turkey1 year 243 days ago
From: Bad69Boy
Happy Thanksgiving
Bronze "Legend" Anniversary1 year 313 days ago
Bronze "Legend" Anniversary
Children's Day 20222 years 52 days ago
Children's Day 2022
Fancy another game?2 years 98 days ago
Fancy another game?
From: Bad69Boy
Saw it on your wish list :)
Yellow Chick2 years 98 days ago
Yellow Chick
From: Bad69Boy
Happy Easter Hope
Teddy Bear2 years 162 days ago
Teddy Bear
From: Bad69Boy
Happy Valentine's Day
Teddy Bear2 years 213 days ago
Teddy Bear
From: Bad69Boy
Merry Christmas to You & Family, Hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a SAFE and Happy New Year
Sun2 years 217 days ago
From: seymourearl30
Santa Claus2 years 235 days ago
Santa Claus
Bronze "Expert" Anniversary 2 years 312 days ago
Bronze "Expert" Anniversary