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will that be true?

Never ignore a person who loves you and shows it to you. Because one day you will realize that you probably missed the moon while you were looking at the stars.

My mother

My mother saw me crying because my heart was broken, she hugged me, gave me a kiss and told me that it was part of life, that everything was part of a perfect plan and that it would be okay. The warmth of her hug and her words were like anesthesia. I realized that as long as I have my mother, nothing will be missing.

I explain to you.

Look, I'll explain. You can love a person a lot, but if that person starts to fail you, ignore you or do things that hurt you and they don't change, you start to lose interest and it doesn't matter how strong the attraction is, with Failures and distrust change anyone.

dirty people

Why are there people so dirty and they confuse one person with another, they offend without showing their face and they send dirty videos, they are stupid, they use fake names only to offend

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Ladies, when another woman talks bad about you for no reason at all, don't be so quick to clap back. Pray for that Woman. She sees something in you that she doesn't see in herself. Remember, confidence is silence and insecurity is loud!