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Poker Texas Hold'em: Play now

The prize is within your grasp! Play to win!

Poker Omaha: Play now

Twice the cards, twice the action!

1000 HD: Play now

Be first to reach 1000 points to claim victory!

1000 HD

Rummy HD: Play now

1-on-1, Gain the most points to take the Win!

Buraco Classic: Play now

Achieve the target and claim victory over the opponent!

Canasta: Play now

Play with others and complete canasta first!


Buraco Fechado STBL: Play now

Buraco Fechado STBL – feel the latin spirit!

3-5-8 (Sergeant Major): Play now

Collect points and tricks – 3, 5 or 8!

Rummy 500: Play now

Have fun and play the game!

Buraco: Play now

Achieve the target and claim victory over the opponent!


1000 (Thousand): Play now

Meld marriages and be first to reach 1000 points!

Okey: Play now

Compete against 3 opponents. Arrange your tiles to Win!

Blackjack: Play now

Hit 21 and become king of Blackjack!

Poker 5 Card Draw: Play now

A more social game of poker. Play for fun!

Card Games Online: A Full Deck Always Awaits You!

Rummy, Thousand, or 3-5-8? Maybe Poker or Canasta? Everyone knows these card games well. Their stories date back hundreds of years, but they enjoy unflagging popularity. They are loved by all, because they are associated with gatherings with family and friends. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to get people together, and all too often we forget to take a deck of cards to the party.

But the forgetful, and those always on the move who cannot arrange card games in the real world can play card games online. The GameDesire service fulfils the thirst for entertainment, allowing players to forget themselves for a while. Simply sign up with your friends and enjoy the pleasure that your favorite game can give!

The Most Popular Online Card Games

Although classic games are still being modified, the oldest of them remain the most popular. Here are the card games that are played most often:

  • Canasta

Canasta is a game for two to four players. Each player receives 15 cards, and the remaining cards are placed in a stack the middle of the table. Each player should look for any “melds” in their hand. A meld must have least two cards of equal value. If you are dealt any twos or jokers, you can use them in your meld, but there cannot be more of these “wild cards” than cards with “real” values. A meld of seven (or more) is a canasta. Making this meld, especially with natural cards – that is, with no wild cards – gets a bonus.

  • Poker

There is no more popular card game in the world than poker. It is adored adrenaline rush and high emotions that it provides, and every day the game raises people to laughter or reduces them to tears. Poker offline version is not only an opportunity to earn good winnings, but a chance to work on your acting skills. Poker is played with a 52-card deck, and in its most common forms includes no more than 10 players. Each player competes to build the best poker hand, or to bluff their opponents into thinking they have done so. It goes without saying that you need to control your emotions and body language during the game, so playing poker card games online is a good first step on the road to success. Having mastered the rules and strategy, you will find it easier to focus on controlling other elements of the game.

  • Rummy

Rummy, also known by other names around the world, is one of the card games in which any number of players can participate. For two players, just one deck of cards is needed – though greater numbers mean more decks. After selecting the dealer, each player is dealt 13 cards. Then, the dealer, who has priority in the round, takes a 14th and throws one card onto the table. Each of the other players will also discard one card, and draw a replacement from the stack that should be face down on the table. The winner is the player who discards all their cards first, by laying on the table melds of the same suit or value.

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Use our smartphone application, and play against friends whenever you like. On the GameDesire site you will find not only card games. As well as Poker, Canasta, and 3-5-8 you can play various games of skill and logic. Allow yourself a moment of entertainment and discover your virtual hobby.