Win It All (2017)

Win It All (2017)

A poker-loving gambling addict gambles away $50,000 that doesn’t belong to him and deals with the consequences while he tries to turn his life around.




I really loved this movie. It’s a charming and funny character story with great acting and a great script.  Jake Johnson’s performance as the lovable quick-tongued degenerate Eddie is captivating from start to finish.  The film nicely balances typical romantic comedy themes along with more dramatic themes of addiction and redemption.


Aside from the typical poker movie fails (details below), there’s not much wrong with this film.



This is a great character story that shouldn’t be judged by the poker moments, but for the sake of disclosure I must point out that it’s guilty of a few common poker movie sins. There’s an abundance of pot splashing as well as the inclusion of 5-card draw (seriously, how many years does 5-card draw have to not exist in real life before Hollywood stops using it in movies?) The funniest mistake is the fact that it depicts poker as an underground game in 2017 Chicago.  At a key moment in the film, finding a poker game to play in becomes a huge problem for the main character, and he is only able to find one by word-of-mouth.  Which is a silly and unnecessary dramatization that completely ignores the mainstream state of poker in 2017 (i.e. there are currently 12 legal cardrooms in the Chicago area).

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