Viktor Blom (Sweden)

Viktor Blom (Sweden)



Lifetime Tournament Earnings (Live)

$1.7 million

Career Highlights

  • Has won and lost millions playing online
  • Was involved in all 10 of the 10 biggest pots in online poker history


Viktor Blom arrived on the online poker scene in 2009 and took everyone by surprise.  Playing anonymously on Full Tilt under the screen name ‘Isildur1’, his ultra-aggressive style quickly catapulted him into the high stakes where he dominated the game’s best players, including taking millions from Tom Dwan in a single session.  He was eventually robbed by Brian Hastings who used illegal tracking software to devastate Blom’s bankroll in a matter of days.  Since then Blom has rallied back to the 7-figure heights multiple times and is currently (late 2017) doing very well on PokerStars.  He’s known for his ability to act extremely quickly and put maximum pressure on his opponents to  make decisions, and needless to say, he plays with absolutely zero money fear.  And that’s exactly what makes him one of the most dangerous players on the planet.  Full bio.

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