Vegas Is Weird

Vegas Is Weird

Everyone knows that Vegas is the place for gambling, drinking and other vices. But if you've never been here there are a few other things that might surprise you...

Unique Tourist Opportunities:

Forget about the Hoover Dam or a helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon, the streets of Vegas are where you can find the really memorable activities:


I’m not sure what guns, burgers and nearly naked women have to do with each other, but I’m strangely interested.


This guy has no arms or legs but will still draw a reasonably accurate portrait of you with his face. (Yes, I tipped him for this photo)


The guy in the bright shirt is handing out hooker business cards.  The unique clicking sound these guys make with the cards as you pass by is a Vegas staple.


Family Friendly:

Don’t let the relaxed attitude toward prostitution fool you, Vegas is a family town.


You see, they put casinos for children right below the real casino, so your kids can be safely contained playing arcade games while you’re upstairs losing next month’s rent money.


Interesting Sculptures:


Demon Horse and his distant cousin…


The all-powerful Mermaid Horse!!!


And these disgusting bird chairs (FYI I have a massive bird phobia)


Unique Dining Opportunities:


This is the menu from The Heart Attack Grill.  The waitresses are dressed like slutty nurses and every guest is required to put on a hospital gown before sitting down to eat.  They also have a policy that anyone weighing over 350 pounds gets to eat for free.


At Dick’s Last Resort the waiters say rude things to you and make you wear funny paper hats with insults written on them.  However, it’s a bit moot since the beer prices are insulting enough.  They also sell merchandise making ‘clever’ euphemisms with their namesake:



And Finally, You’re All Terrorists:


If you’ve never been to Vegas you probably don’t know that the only possible use for strollers, backpacks and coolers is to hide a bomb.  Also, glass bottles are deadly weapons.  I was surprised too.  I’ve been using a backpack to carry my harmless personal belongings for years, never once realizing what a dangerous criminal I was! Anyway, it’s a good thing our police overlords are here to watch over and protect us from these dangers.


Even when you don’t see them, they see you…

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