Top 5 Hilarious Poker Celebrations

Top 5 Hilarious Poker Celebrations

Emotions can only be contained for so long...

The Poker Gods Bail-Out Felipio Candio

Candio catches a miracle after making one of the worst calls of his life at the worst possible moment. I suspect his emotional reaction is due to the fact that he would have really hated himself for going broke on this hand. When Cheong moves all-in on the flop it’s obvious that he has a strong hand. I’m sure Candio was regretting the call immediately and just couldn’t contain himself when the poker gods bailed him out.

Hevad Khan Being Hevad Khan

A classic from the peak years of the poker boom when endorsements and huge riches were waiting to be claimed by players who could stand out from the field. Khan’s celebration seems silly by today’s more reserved standards, but back in 2007 it made famous in the poker world. Despite these almost cringe-worthy antics, Khan is actually a very skilled professional.

“You lost, bro!”

I love this one. My favorite part is how he tries to play it off and act calm when he hears the bad news.

Trolling The Troll

This hand represents a shift in poker culture. On one side you have the eccentric, made-for-television Humberto Brennes, and on the other you have the elite skills of Scott Seiver. Brennes represents the old trend from the early days of the poker boom when players became famous because of their personality rather than actual poker skill. Seiver represents the modern era in which the poker world as a whole has gotten smarter and learned to appreciate actual skill.

“I think you should retire, Phil”

While it’s certainly true that Tony G is a bit of an asshole, I can’t help but enjoy watching him humiliate Phil Hellmuth. Tony uses a very obvious trick to bust a guy who has claimed on multiple occasions to be able to ‘read your soul’. High comedy. Tony G is not without fault here and is rightfully considered one of the biggest villains in poker, however he’s clearly the only high stakes regular who is not afraid to stand up to Hellmuth and for that he deserves some credit.

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