Sick Poker Hands – Our Top 5 Phil Ivey Moments

Sick Poker Hands – Our Top 5 Phil Ivey Moments

In light of the legend's recent Hall of Fame induction, I thought I'd put together a collection of my 5 favorite moments from Phil Ivey's amazing career.

Super-Human Reading Skills

If you’re Jackson, how do you even continue the match after this hand?

The River That Changed Everything

Not Ivey’s happiest moment for sure, but this is likely one of the most influential river cards in poker history.  Is there any chance Ivey doesn’t win this event if he holds here?  How different would the poker world look if an established pro had won the 2003 Main Event instead of the ‘regular guy’ Moneymaker?

The Greatest Of All Time

Hellmuth loves to call himself the GOAT, but Ivey has always let his play do the talking.  He’s been the perfect antithesis of Hellmuth’s arrogant persona, quietly out-playing him throughout their careers and causing more than a couple blow-ups like the one below.

Almost A Hero

I know it’s odd to include a hand where Ivey fails to make the perfect decision, but the very fact that he even considers calling this river is one of the most amazing moments in his career.

Full Value

Despite being the scariest guy at the table, Ivey always seemed to manage to get paid.

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