Sick Poker Hands – Mixed Cash Games At King’s

Sick Poker Hands – Mixed Cash Games At King’s

Can billionaire Leon Tsoukernik hold his own against elite pros Fedor Holz and Sam Trickett?

What happens when you have a billionaire whale playing high stakes mixed cash games against two of the games elite in his own casino?  Well, not much actually.  But lucky for you I’ve sifted through the footage and found the best hands, so you can skip through the boring parts and go straight to the excitement! You’re welcome!

(Hint: The action really heats up around the 46 minute mark)

@3:01 PLO: AA for the boss against Fedor, can he get value?

@5:10 PLO: Fedor gets into a bit of trouble.

@13:53 NLH: Fedor gets involved in a multi-way pot

@26:42 NLH: Fedor binks a flop (finally)

@46:40 PLO: Okay, now we’ve got some action!

@ 50:54 PLO: Sam Trickett finds a cooler, can he avoid disaster?

@55:32 NLH: “HE’S GOT OUTS!!”

@1:00:19 NLH: “100k in a day is not much for a billionaire”

We hope you learn some new tricks from this hand, because you’re gonna need them at the tables! Click here to play free poker app.