Sick Poker Hands – King Of The Hill

Sick Poker Hands – King Of The Hill

"Oh don't start teasing me now - it's too early for that"

@9:00 Action starts and I’m wondering why Phil couldn’t finish his dinner before the stream? Is this some kind of power move?

@9:57 Phil folds king high and brags about it.  Yep, we’re off…

@14:21 If you ever wondered about Phil’s pasta preferences, wonder no more…

@19:43 Phil passes up an easy semi-bluffing spot and lets Doug have one with Q high…trolling ensues

@27:11 Our first 3-bet pot of the match leads to a semi-interesting river spot for Doug…

@38:35 Phil gets a bit creative with third pair…

@51:20 “Couldn’t have been that strong…”

@52:54 “Now it’s getting a little feisty…”

@58:40 Action flop alert!

@1:15:10 Doug finally hits a flop…

@1:17:06 That white magic again…

@1:22:20 “This is not a standard play…”

@1:29:03 “This is just silly…why does Phil do this?”

@1:33:00 “Oh no…oh man!”

@1:38:24 High equity river…can the two-pair hold?

@1:42:35 Doug displays some unorthodox decision making techniques…

@1:45:00 Blood in the water…

@1:46:05 It’s over!


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