Poker Players After Hours – Energizing!

Poker Players After Hours – Energizing!

"Poker Players after hours" - seven stories every week!

Hi 🙂 This is the first article in a new series – “Poker Players After Hours” by Valery. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it! I just want to share with you a little part of the non-poker lives of our poker stars. Seven stories every week!

#1 Maria Ho trains her power walk

I’ve just watched it on Monday morning and felt energized myself! Good start to the long week.

Power walk. #BTS with Poker Central.

Posted by Maria Ho on Sunday, April 23, 2017


#2 Liv Boeree celebrates #EarthDay

#3 Newly Married Mercier couple enjoys Rome

#4 Patrik Antonius goes for a short holiday before Monaco

We’re not sure where he’s going but we’re definitely jealous of the way he travels 😉

#5 Daniel Negreanu practices soccer (OUCH)

Showing off a soccer move. Watch to the end… @twoacesgolf

A post shared by Daniel Negreanu (@dnegspoker) on

#6 Antonio Esfandiari buys a house

#7 Jennifer Tilly spends quality time with Phil Laak


Thanks for reading to the end!

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