The Poker Hall Of Fame Gets It Right

The Poker Hall Of Fame Gets It Right

Two poker legends get a well-deserved honor.

Phil Ivey and David “Devilfish” Ulliott Inducted Into The Poker Hall Of Fame

The poker Hall of Famer inducts exactly two new members every year.  In years past there have been some highly controversial selections (Todd Brunson, Men Nguyen, to name a couple), however this year the selection committee had a snap call.  Ivey and Ulliott are two legends of the game who absolutely deserve this honor.  Sadly, Ulliott died of cancer in 2015, so his family is left to accept this honor in his place:

‘Devilfish’ was a one of a kind personality at the tables, and a truly great ambassador for the game.

As for Ivey, you probably don’t need me to tell you how great his career has been.  He’s likely the most respected poker player of all time, and arguably the best.  My favorite fact about Phil Ivey is simply the fact that he doesn’t even play tournaments anymore.  That might sound odd, but think of it this way: the guy basically conquered poker.  He dominated the competition for so many years that he doesn’t even feel the need to show up for the WSOP anymore. What a boss! Here he is doing his thing, my favorite Ivey hand of all time: