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This 84 year old gentleman was driving to the store when all sudden he rear ended this very expensive sports car. The guy got out of his car and walked back to the old man and proceeded to call him every name in the book. Look what you've done to my car. I want $10,000 right now or I'm gonna beat your ass to a bloody pulp. The old man said "Let me call my son, he trains dolphins and he'll know what to do". He calls his son but as soon as he answers the guy jerks the phone out of his hand and says, "Listen here "dolphin" trainer, your old man ran into the back of my expensive sports car and I want $10,000 right now or I'm gonna beat both of you to a bloody pulp". The son says he'll be there in 10 minutes. Sure enough this Jeep pulls up and a young man gets out and proceeds to stomp a mud hole in the guy and leaves him laying beside his expensive sports car. The son walked over to his dad and said "Dad it's Seals, I train Navy Seals.