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its so pathatic that these low level cowards have to use a cheat an they never miss
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its sad that game desire allows these players to have a high lvl account an also a low level account i played a lvl 10 an didnt have a chance

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hey guys if you draw Kengkat lvl 11 hes a pro playing a low lvl account because none will play him if he plays under his real account he never misses an gets great shapes every shot just thought all the honest players should know

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good job game desire you guys doing nothing about the cheaters took a game i loved an made me hate it. anytime a level 7 plays better than a pro you know there cheating but yet you do nothing. thanks ill be sure an let everyone know that game desire doesnt give a dam about making money they support the cheats.im done with this site . i wont be back an i suggest anyone that doesnt cheat leave here also. darkwulf add Felipe lvl 9 to the pro or cheat list he didnt give me a shot until it was 93 to nothing

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tonineng141 The first two games you played fair, but the last game you had to use your cheat to win, thats sad that winning a game , makes you lose all self respect, your a sad person to think winning is everything,you had my respect until the last game, then you wouldnt even give me a rematch , i hope you lose every game from this day forward

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what the fuck game desire, ive had to break every dam dzme of snooker for the past 4 days thought it was suppose to be fair