Patrik Antonius (Finland)

Patrik Antonius (Finland)



Lifetime Tournament Earnings (Live)

$6.8 million

Career Highlights

  • Former Full Tilt Pro, an icon of the post-boom era and an online poker legend.
  • He’s #2 all-time in online cash game earnings, behind only Phil Ivey. Antonius has earned over $19 million between two Full Tilt accounts.  Antonius is such an online legend, that both of his Full Tilt accounts individually make the top 10 in all-time online cash game earnings.
  • One of only two players to accept the ‘Durrr challenge’ (the other was Dan Cates).



Most Iconic Video – Editor’s Pick

Antonius was one of the fundamental figures in the post-boom poker era in which the amount of money being won and lost was simply absurd.  Here he is playing a $1 million pot with Sam Farha, no big deal.

Antonius is also known as one of poker’s most legendary gamblers, claiming to have lost millions in his lifetime

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