Howard Lederer (Satan’s Rectum)

Howard Lederer (Satan’s Rectum)



*surprise, surprise, the guy who stole tens of millions of dollars from the poker public is not available on social media

Lifetime Tournament Earnings (Live)

A lot less than he stole from Full Tilt Poker users

Full Tilt Poker Ponzi Scheme Earnings

Somewhere between $30-$100 million

Career Highlights

  • Getting away with the greatest ponzi scheme in poker history
  • Returning to the World Series of Poker to mingle and play among the people he robbed after just a few years in hiding


Lederer, along with fellow poker pro Chris Ferguson and business partner Ray Bitar, were the controlling and operating members of Full Tilt Poker in 2011 when it was shut down in the USA.  When the US gov. blocked US players from the site and there was a sudden demand for the player funds,  the funds weren’t there.  It turns out that FTP had been paying out their withdrawal requests with new deposits and that Ferguson, Lederer and Bitar had pocketed the money that was supposed to be on reserve for the players.  Furthermore, none of them went to jail or returned any of the money, and Ferguson and Lederer have even had the nerve to return to the WSOP.

Most Iconic Video – Editor’s Pick

Here’s Negreanu expressing his thoughts on the matter…

And then there’s this.  Pure ironic, hypocritical gold (recorded before he stole everyone’s money, of course).

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