EPT Malta 10k High Roller Day 2: The Contenders

EPT Malta 10k High Roller Day 2: The Contenders

The remaining field of 73 players in the 10K High Roller Event is stacked with elite pros.

After an eventful Day 1 which saw many big name pros hit the rail, 73 players will return today for Day 2 of the EPT Malta 10k High Roller.

Swedish grinder Alexander Ivarsson leads the way with 379K in chips, but he’ll have to outlast a ‘murderer’s row’ of elite playes in order to make that chip-lead stand.

German pro Martin Finger ($6 million in lifetime earnings) sits at 216k in chips, and fellow bosses Stephen Chidwick (UK) and Theo Jorgensen (Denmark) aren’t far behind, with 207k and 189k respectively.

American Cate Hall will do busines on Day 2 with 166k behind and Irish legend Steve O’Dwyer is lurking around with 95K. Despite a 4/1 chip disadvantage against the leader, O’Dwyer is in fine shape given that we’re still relatively deep and his stack is still good for 59 big blinds.

The list of other notable elite pros still alive is massive, and includes: Charlie Carrel (Uk, 92K), Max Silver (UK, 87k), Felix Stephensen (Norway, 82K), Vlado Banicevic (Montenegro, 80k), James Akenhead (UK, 80k), Michael Kane (UK, 78k), Phillipp Gruissem (Germany, 75k), Connor Drinan (USA, 74k), Pratyush Buddiga (USA, 70k), Sam Greenwood (Canada, 65k), David Yan (USA, 51K), Davidi Kitai (Belgium, 35k), Adrian Mateos (Spain, 23k) and Nick Petrangelo (USA, 15k)

Day 2 begins today (Friday, 12:30 local time) and the tournamet will crown a winner on Saturday.

Photo Source: gamizon.com

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