8 Reasons Why I Love Poker

8 Reasons Why I Love Poker

A love letter to the greatest game in the world

Why do I love poker so much?

On the surface it seems like a simple question but when I really stop to think about it…

…yeah it’s pretty simple, poker is awesome.  But if you’re looking for a more scientific answer, let’s break it down into specifics.  Here are 8 reasons why I love poker…


Let’s get right down to the honest and primal truth: winning money is exciting. The euphoria of winning money at the poker table is a bit different than other gambling games.  In games like roulette, craps or blackjack, winning (or losing) is instant.  Either the ball lands on red or it doesn’t, right?  However, the excitement of poker comes from the anticipation, the knowledge that we have the best hand and the thrill of taking advantage of our unaware opponents.  Is there anything more exciting than looking down at two aces after there’s been a raise and re-raise in front of you? How about flopping top set in a multi-way pot or turning a nut flush? Conversely, how about the feeling of seeing your opponent fold when you’re bluffing?  If you’re an action junkie and you haven’t discovered poker yet, you’re missing out.


I was an athlete as a teenager and I sorely miss those days of competition.  Poker provides me with the opportunity to continue to engage my competitive spirit even though I’ve passed my athletic prime. I can imagine that this feeling is stronger the older you get.  Since poker is a mental game and provides a completely equal playing field from a physical perspective, it’s a great way for those with a strong competitive spirit to stay active long after their youth.


I love trying to out-think someone.  I love the feeling of figuring out what my opponents are doing and staying one step ahead. Poker is the ultimate ‘brain-teaser’, a wonderfully complex game of incomplete information and constantly shifting strategies.  There are so many small variables to analyze in order to formulate a winning strategy, and I am simply in love with the constant mental planning needed to play this game at a high level.


I love the freedom and flexibility that comes from playing a game for a living.  I am not dependent on anyone but myself, I don’t have to adhere to a strict schedule and I can take days off whenever I want.  I am also never tied to a single location. The freedom this game can offer is truly amazing and I feel very fortunate whenever I think about it.


Just Youtube search ‘Darvin Moon’ or ‘Jerry Yang’. Or better yet, read my article about how anyone can win at poker.  The beauty of this game is that anything can happen on a given day.  With poker in your life, there’s always a chance something great can happen to you. To my knowledge there aren’t many hobbies you can say that about.


In this modern, digital world of diminishing attention spans, it’s hard to stay engaged for very long.  Online poker can be extremely fast paced and engaging (especially if you’re multi-tabling) so it’s the perfect activity for those who like to do 10 things at once.  And for better or worse, I am certainly one of those people.


I love the social aspect of the game because it provides just the right amount of contact with other people.  It’s a great way to get your fill of human interaction without actually having to talk to anyone.


The whole world is playing poker, which means that you can travel anywhere and find a game.  As a result, poker is becoming a worldwide universal language which can unite people who can’t communicate verbally.  It’s a beautiful thing, to meet new people and understand each other simply from the movements of a culturally-shared game, rather than from any form of traditional communication.

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