5 Reasons Why Poker Is Better Than Your Current Hobby

5 Reasons Why Poker Is Better Than Your Current Hobby

The whole world is playing poker, why aren't you?

There’s a reason why Texas Hold’em has spread worldwide and become a popular pastime for so many people:

It’s awesome.  Hold’em is a simple game to learn and an incredibly difficult one to master.  This simplicity combined with such complexity will keep you coming back for more.  However you spend your free time now, here are 5 reasons why you should be playing poker instead.

Poker Is Good For Your Brain

Poker requires you to be analytical, observant, calculating and most importantly, it requires you to try and understand other humans.  This is an incredibly valuable skill that you can obviously apply to many different aspects of life.

You Can Make Money Playing Poker

Most hobbies cost money, so think of the money you risk playing poker the same way you think about paying for a round of golf or going to the movies.  However, there’s one obvious difference- the money you risk playing poker isn’t an automatic loss.  Even the worst players win sometimes, and if you take up poker as a serious hobby and learn the fundamentals, you’ll have no problem winning from time to time against the right competition.

Poker Is A Low-Impact Social Activity

For those of you who don’t particularly like social situations but feel as though you need more human interaction in your life, poker is perfect.  It’s a healthy and low-stress form of human contact, a social and communal game that requires interaction with other humans, but those actions don’t have to involve speaking or even making eye contact.

Texas Hold’em Is Popular Worldwide, So You Can Always Find A Game

Poker is everywhere.  If you take up poker as a hobby you’ll have no trouble finding places to play anywhere on the globe.  And of course, there’s an abundance of great online poker games which you can play from nearly anywhere as well.

Playing Poker Can Be Really, Really Exciting

Life is boring, don’t you want a hob by with a little excitement?  Don’t get me wrong, as a beginner and a casual player you shouldn’t expect to achieve consistent poker success.  But the beauty of poker is that in a small sample size anything is possible.  Just look at this guy.  His name is Darvin Moon and he has a poker IQ somewhere between a rock and a potato.  But that didn’t stop him from finishing 2nd in the World Series of Poker and winning $5 million.  What other hobbies offer that kind of upside?

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