5 Famous Poker Players Who Are Crazy Gamblers

5 Famous Poker Players Who Are Crazy Gamblers

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One of the pitfalls of making your living in a casino is the fact that, well, you’re often in a casino.  Those places don’t make millions of dollars from selling t-shirts and coffee mugs in the gift shop.  Table games like blackjack and craps are simultaneously addicting for many players and hugely profitable for the house. Many players fall into the trap of squandering their poker winnings in the pit.  Others find more creative ways to gamble away their profits.  Here are 5 famous poker players who are crazy gamblers:

5.) Patrick Antonious

Antonious has earned more money playing online cash games than anyone else in the history of online poker.  Unfortunately for his bankroll and net worth, he also loves to gamble in other ways:

Patrick has also admitted to losing ‘tens of millions’ in his life backing other poker players and says that he’s lost huge sums betting on sports as well, claiming to bet a minimum of $50,000 per game when he bets.  Check out this very candid interview he did with Cardplayer Magazine.

4.) Phil Ivey

It’s no secret that Ivey loves to gamble.  If you havn’t kept up on the situation between him and the Borgata, read this. Anyway, Ivey is a legend when it comes to prop bets, often having more money at risk on the side than on the acutal tournaments during the WSOP.  And like so many poker players, he also loves to gamble on golf. Check out this story:

3.) Gus Hansen

How does a skilled poker pro become the biggest loser in the history of online poker?  For Gus Hansen it seems to have been equall parts bad table selection and poor life balance.  Poker can be just as bad as other forms of gambling when you don’t have an edge.  In many live games against good to weak competition, Hansen has a huge edge and has won millions.  However, Hansen made a habit of playing marathon online sessions on zero sleep against superior opponents, and it cost him dearly ($22m to be exact).

Gus is also an avid Tennis player known to risk a dollar or two on the court:

2.) Ted Forrest

Forrest has 6 career WSOP bracelets and over $6m in career live tournament earnings but has recently been charged with felony theft for submitting bad checks to the Wynn Casino.  Maybe his spot on this list is a bit unfair, since his side of the story is yet to be heard in court, but as someone who has spent a ridiculous amount of time in Las Vegas casinos I can tell you that in order to do something like that one must be a truly bad gambler.  There is a 100% chance of getting caught, so passing off a bad check for the temporary gain of being able to continue gambling despite the knowledge that you’re guaranteed to face prison time as a result, is something only a true degenerate would do.  Allegedly.

Here’s Ted showing off his poker skills at that very same Wynn casino during better days:

1.) T.J. Cloutier

This old school poker legend is famous not only for his 6 bracelets and $10 million in lifetime cashes, but also for his notorious love of craps. It’s rumored that he’s been seen on many occasions begging for loans on the casino floor and that he’s lost everything he’s ever made at the poker tables.  While the exact truth is unknown, Cloutier has never been shy about his love of gambling and in 2005 one of his WSOP bracelets was auctioned on ebay after he sold it to a pawn shop.  Call me crazy, but that story is enough to hand Cloutier the top spot on my list.

Photo Source: http://www.cardplayer.com/poker-news/17107-more-details-on-poker-pro-phil-ivey-s-alleged-cheating-while-playing-baccarat-at-the-borgata

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