3 Poker Players Who Might Actually Be Psychic Wizards

3 Poker Players Who Might Actually Be Psychic Wizards

Okay okay stay with me on this one. I'll admit that psychic wizards probably don't exist. But if they did, wouldn't they be playing poker?

Phil Hellmuth

Just kidding of course.  Hellmuth loves to make silly self-promoting claims about ‘dodging bullets’ and ‘reading souls’ but the reality usually looks more like this:

Davidi Kitai

Kitai doesn’t need to brag and shamelessly self-promote in order to convince the world he can ‘read souls’, all you have to do is watch him play.  He’s one of the best players in the world thanks in large part to his almost super-human ability to read his opponents.  The two calls below are basically impossible without something resembling mind-reading abilities.

Michael Mizrachi

After watching this clip of Mizrachi correctly predicting turn and river cards, you might actually start to question if his poker success is indeed the result of psychic powers.

He’s also a master of pulling-off hands like the one below, where he somehow stays around in the hand with nothing only to have the nuts by the river.

Daniel Negreanu

Negreanu is famous for this kind of thing.  While it’s important to consider that television broadcasts are likely to edit out the times when he incorrectly calls out his opponent’s cards, he’s been right often enough to raise suspicion.  Is Daniel Negreanu a psychic wizard? A shape-shifting reptile? God himself? Maybe.  You be the judge:

Photo Source: http://www.onlinepokerarena.com/daniel_negreanu_here_is_how_i_invest_my_millions_of_dollars/

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