3 Amazing Poker Christmas Gifts

3 Amazing Poker Christmas Gifts

For those of you looking for the perfect gift idea for the poker player in your life (or just a nice treat for yourself) look no further! Here are 3 amazing poker gifts that any poker player or fan will love.

*None of these products have paid me for the mention in this article, they are all included for one simple reason: I want them!

Custom Poker Home Game Set-Up

You don’t need to overthink things; what poker players love most is to play poker.  I’ve got my eye on Sick Poker Tables.  They make everything you need for a great home game, including chips, card decks and most notably their custom made poker tables.   Having a sweet home game set-up like this will allow your poker playing loved one to spend less time in the casino and more time taking money from their friends.  That can’t be a bad thing!

‘The Myth of Poker Talent’ by Alexander Fitzgerald

Yes, it’s true that poker players just want to play poker.  But we also want to play poker well.  A good poker strategy book can make an excellent gift.  But be careful, a lot of poker strategy is outdated and therefore you want to stick with something more recent (anything published more than a couple years ago or anything which contains the words ‘Phil Hellmuth’ or ‘Annie Duke’ should be considered fire kindling and nothing more) The number one book on my wish list this year is ‘The Myth of Poker Talent’ by legendary online poker pro and coach Alexander ‘Assassinato’ Fitzgerald.  This is a must read for any serious poker player and I can’t wait to buy myself a copy for Christmas (assuming Santa Clause doesn’t read this article).

A Shirt, Hat Or Hoodie from ‘Any Two’

The concept behind this poker clothing brand is simple and genius: they put ‘any two’ hole cards of your choosing on a hat, hoodie or shirt.  Shut up and take my money already guys! I’ve wanted a hat or hoodie from this company since the minute I found them online and there’s no doubt that most poker players will feel the same way.  (In case you’re reading, Santa, my favorite hand is 22.)

Photo Source: http://www.houzz.com/poker-room

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